Optimis adalah emosi positif

Author: Saut Parl
Optimisme adalah emosi positif yang telah mendorong untuk mencapai sesuatu. Optimisme diperlukan di hampir setiap konteks, apakah itu prestasi, karir, kreativitas, dan sebagainya.

Penambahan optimis akan keyakinan dapat mencapai sesuatu. Sementara itu, kepercayaan diri  selama ia mampu membentuk adaptasi untuk diri mereka sendiri dengan logika digunakan untuk merasionalisasi suatu hasil yang akan diterjemahkan. Pada dasarnya dalam konteks ini adalah untuk menciptakan rasa optimis yang didasarkan pada rasio bahwa sesuatu bisa dilakukan atau bisa dicapai dengan kecerdasan seseorang secara sadar. Optimis , tidak memiliki pikiran pikiran negatif menghambat prestasi. Pikiran yang menyertai keadaan pikiran optimis  adalah kebranian, perwujudan, penciptaan, pengembangan kapasitas, kelayakan, dan pikiran positif lainnya.
Takut, khawatir, dan lainnya, tidak bisa berdekatan dengan optimis. Ini menjadi bagian pembicaraan yang berbeda.
Rasa takut adalah ayah dari keadaan negatif  yang selalu menghantui untuk perwujudan hasil tertentu.
Ini berarti, takut tidak membantu menghasilkan manifestasi apapun.
Hambatan terbesar bagi seseorang untuk mecapai keindahandalam  menjalani hidup adalah dengan ketakutan yang nyata dari pikiran.
Pemikiran bahwa ketakutan akan menghasilkan dalam keadaan ketakutan.
Tidak mengherankan, ketika perasaan takut mendominasi pada seseorang, maka akan menghasilkan pesimisme cukup kuat. Alasan pesimisme irasional sering menyertai keadaan ini.
Pada dasarnya, proporsional terbalik dengan situasi optimis dan pesimis selalu jauh dari perwujudan usaha. Pesimis selalu mengacu pada tidak adanya bisnis, gerakan, langkah-langkah untuk manifestasi.
Sekali lagi harus optimis bahwa hanya mengacu pada pikiran-pikiran terbaik, bekerja untuk yang terbaik, dan mengharapkan hal-hal terbaik, dan terus fokus pada yang terbaik.About the Author:

Saut Parl about law of attraction when a friend to her to watch the secret and knew about the law of attraction.

The Secret Law of Attraction

The Secret Law of Attraction

Author: Katia Lorenzen
Do you ever wonder why two people with the same background and the same educational attainment have different levels of success? Also, there are people who do not really have remarkable curriculum vitae but they are successful? This is because they have discovered the secret law of attraction.
It is a secret because not many know about it. But if they knew it and applied it to their lives, they will become more open to good things and start receiving them. But because of busyness and the pressures of daily life, people tend to simply go with the flow, beat their deadlines and go through the motions of life, not realizing that there is more to their lives than simple routine and boredom.

How does the secret law of attraction work?
This law works by conditioning the mind to expect and work for what is best. This law opens up your mind to a whole new range of possibilities in which you can enjoy good things. You deserve to be happy and you deserve the best that life has to offer. The mind is the seat of power of the body and of the soul. Once you get a hold of that, your life will never be the same again.
Opening up the mind to the secret law of attraction is not as easy as it appears to be. There should be a deliberate attempt to remove barriers to this law, together with the thought and emotional patterns that you may have displayed since you are a child. These barriers need to be identified first and removed accordingly so that you can easily adhere to this secret law.
These barriers usually come in the form of negative thinking. Thoughts such as "I'm not good enough"; "I haven't been trained for this" and other similar thoughts demean your abilities and take away your initiative. They may have been deeply ingrained into your mind that you now consider such thoughts as normal part of your thinking process. No! Rid yourself of them because you do not need them. They just encumber you in your efforts to achieve success in life. Away with those negative energies!

When you remove something, you have to replace it with another thing. In the case of your mind, you have to adhere to the secret law of attraction. How?

Be receptive to positive energies and focus on your desires and wants. By constantly reminding yourself of these desires and wants, you create an expectancy within you that makes you receptive to these good things. In addition to that, you become more inspired in working for and achieving what you want in life. Each time you think about these desires and wants and creates a feeling of expectancy, you are practicing the secret law of attraction. Soon enough, your mind, your personality and even your body becomes receptive to the good things that you think about. By making it a habit, good luck and fortune will come your way.

Success and good things will come your way if you practice the secret law of attraction.

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Katia Lorenzen learned about law of attraction when a friend to her to watch the secret. Since then she found another great source of the law of attraction information:

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Internet And Business Online - Equal Opportunity For All

Internet And Business Online - Equal Opportunity For All

Author: Scott Lindsay

Is it only those man and women who grow up in prosperous homes that can pursue the dream of owning their own business? Is it true that the young are the only ones equipped to deal in an online environment? Is nationality an indicator of candidacy for ecommerce?

No, no and no!

There was a time when successful businesses were often developed and operated by those who came from families of wealth. There was a time when youth was necessary to fully build a thriving business worthy of a legacy. There was a time when gender, social class and ethnicity were all important indicators of the probability of success in business.

Those rules do not apply to online business.

The world of online ecommerce is subjected to a different filter. Many of these businesses are being developed by men and women in their fifties and sixties who have always wanted to develop a dream job and found the Internet the perfect 'vision' vehicle.

There really only seems to be one predominant prejudice in online business - "Can you deliver what you promise?" If you can't then you could be young, rich and a part of a nationality you believe to be acceptable and still lack a stable bottom line.

The truth is the Internet facilitates business online because they are product driven in an environment that acknowledges a consumer centric mentality. Websites are developed using knowledge-based content that consumers expect and price structures are fair and competitive.

In most cases the customer will never ask for a photo ID, a bank statement or the median age of your employees. They are simply looking for a site they can trust to deliver a product they need.

On virtually every point the Internet has leveled the playing field to allow anyone the opportunity to develop cash flow based on their ability to connect with a customer base and deliver an 'in demand' product.

Where face-to-face commerce may be elusive to some, the world of online business and marketing is an exciting prospect for individuals who may be stressed out over a decline in job satisfaction and/or security, a feeling of purposelessness and a general decline in interest in traditional employment.

Many individuals who have taken the plunge into ecommerce are discovering a freedom they have never experienced in an environment that works well when they really want to participate in a thing called life.

The work of developing an online business may be the hardest work you have ever encountered, but it comes with its own set of payoffs that other alternatives just can't compete with.

Even individuals who are differently-abled are finding success in an environment that does not seem to think it important to consider the physical capabilities of the online business owner.

This article may seem as if I am suggesting that online business is a walk in the park. Let me be clear, it is not. It is extremely hard work with no guarantees of success. That being said, most entrepreneurs find the world of online business the most promising alternative in the tough world of business.

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The Best Business Online

Author: Rami Doleh

We often receive e-mails about the best business online ever created and if we don't seize the opportunity right away we are basically not worth to be in the industry. Therefore, every single opportunity that we receive is the best business online. Many of us have actually believed such claims and tried some of these so called opportunities. If we want to look at the bright side we would say that the lost money is the price we are paying to gain more experience. Some would say that those claims were just hype.

The question that forces itself to be asked here would be; is there such a thing called the best business online? If so, what are the criteria that would make a business better than another, and therefore, what makes a business to be the best business online?

All questions will have to be answered only if the answer to the first question was positive. If the answer to the first question was negative then we don't need to bother about answering the remaining questions.

In short, I don't believe that there is such a thing as the best business online. Let's take a look at the offline marketplace. A good business idea depends on factors such as competition in the industry in question, market size…etc. But we don't see a huge industry in the offline marketplace that basically concentrates on building a downline. The offline marketplace concentrates on producing and selling products and services.

Business Online went astray from the concept and concentrated on building organizations of marketers without paying any attention to products and services. It went to the point that people are paying money for absolutely nothing. Business online should get back to the main track of producing and selling.

The beautiful thing about establishing a business online, is that you can create any business you want either with your own products/services or other people's. The trick in online business is visibility and how to make your target market find you without you having to spend a fortune. This is of course the quest of every person who has a business online, but it is not the purpose of this article.

Therefore, similar to the fact that the best business offline does not exist, the best business online is a myth. It is an illusion that will lead any one who is interested in creating a business online to fail before even starting.

All that has been said about the best business online should not be confused with business opportunities that exist in the online marketplace. Similar to the offline marketplace, the online marketplace is full of opportunities. The purpose of this article is to show that there is nothing called "The best business online," but it will be a huge mistake to interpret this article as trying to show that there are no opportunities in the online business marketplace. There are actually sites dedicated to helping people find the best business online that would suit their skills, needs, interests.

What we are trying to show in this article that there is no such thing as the best business online in absolute terms. Such a term is only used for hype and has no real substance in it. Therefore, so as to have an objective eye when studying opportunities online, try to classify those opportunities in the following manner:

1- A hyped message with a hyped opportunity

2- A hyped message with a sound opportunity

3- A sound message with hyped opportunity

4- A sound message with a sound opportunity

It is obvious that the advice would be not to even consider the first type. The second type is very tricky as you need to strip all the hype from the message to realize that the copywriter made a huge mistake by hyping the message while the opportunity is solid enough to sell itself.

The third business online type is also tricky, usually it is marketed by someone new in the online business, who is genuine but believed the hyped claims of the first type and now he/she is trying to market it.

The fourth is a business that we should consider seriously. I said consider and not jump into it because we need to study if it suits our skills, needs, aspirations, interests…etc.

Finally, the best business online does not exist in absolute terms. It becomes as such only if it fits you and you were able to reap its benefits because you have the skills to do so.

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